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Thousands of people who join together in community around our fires are growing in a perspective, voice and vision that they find to be vital. What happens when 2000 people take a stand for the sacred and interconnected nature of all life? What happens if 50,000 people take that stand? By igniting the hearts of thousands with the fire of connection and community, we can change the world. But not without you.


We’re working to support our Firekeepers and help them to expand and deepen their communities. We plan to offer many more Community Fires and to expand our Lifeways offerings internationally. The Sacred Fire Community is for everyone on the journey towards discovering our hearts’ calling. We envision a day when the Sacred Fire Community is a meeting ground for elders and lineage-holders of many spiritual traditions. We can see, right on the horizon, a day when human beings stand up for connection, Heart, and true cultural transformation.

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Your financial support lays the foundation for something that will carry benefit to the generations yet to come. Thank you for standing with us in such a tangible way!

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