Transformation by fire


Now is the season to know

That everything you do

Is sacred.hold — Hafiz

In the indigenous or shamanic view, the world around us is a manifestation of the Divine. From the smallest pebble to the trees, rivers, mountain, all the way to the great elemental forces that make up this world, the different manifestations of the Divine can be seen before our eyes. Intact indigenous cultures refer to these manifestations as gods and they maintain close relationships with them. One of the primary elemental forces, Fire, is present as a Divine Energy in all traditions. Fire has been our benefactor, warming us, cooking our food, giving us light for many millennia. We also know it as the energy of our hearts. It holds our pure spiritual knowing and wisdom. It connects us to each other and to the Divine, providing the medium for transformation. Fire is present in all spiritual pathways and, in many traditions, it is a living presence, which provides guidance and help. In the tradition of the Huichols of northwest Mexico, they call the God of Fire Tatewari.

On this planet today, there are said to be six people who can be put into a deep trance that allows this great energy of fire to speak through them so that this elemental force can help the peoples of this world re-connect to their purpose and open their hearts. There is one each in India, Tibet and Indonesia, and two in the Amazon. There is also one in North America. David Wiley lends his body so that Tatewari, affectionately known as Grandfather, can appear and offer guidance. Formerly a businessman, David has experienced the fires of transformation and embraced the role of shaman, healer and counselor in the small village of Tepoztlán in the central highlands of Mexico.

This interview is his story.


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