Ancient peoples acknowledged the creation of new life, from conception and pregnancy to a healthy birth, as dependent on the grace of the Gods.

Elders and community supported the laboring mother and father and gathered to honor the arrival and unique path of the newborn child.

Today, we are increasingly disconnected from the cycles of fertility and the inherent sanctity of the doorway of birth. Parents preparing for the arrival of a child are often disconnected from deep relationship with Divine and the world around them. Living communities rarely exist to gather in celebration to embrace each new life and honor the child’s deepest heart and support them as their gifts emerge. Neikame is here to remind us of what is needed and what is possible.

Neikame (nay-kah-may) is the name for this area of life and has been given to Lifeways from the Huichol tradition of Mexico. Neikame is the aspect of corn when she first begins to burst forth from the ground. What power, strength and yielding was required for Mother Earth to open up and for corn to come forth? When Neikame emerged, she was still somewhat fragile. Her voice was tiny and pleading because she knew that something was needed in order to thrive, and she couldn’t do it alone. She said “please tell the people to come and make offerings to me.” The locust heard the faint voice of Neikame and with his big voice was able to sing to the rest of the people so that they would come and make offerings.

Contained in the seed of corn is the design of her life gifted by the Gods and revealed over time as she  is nourished by the earth, watered by the rain, guided by the moon, sustained by the sun, touched by the winds and loved by the offerings of the people…And so too are the seeds of our people.

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  2 Responses to “Neikame”

  1. Hi, we are going to be first time parents in 8 weeks time and would love to know if there are any ceremonies we can do and/ or perhaps others can do for us to welcome in our baby. We were recommended to contact you about this.


    • Hi Gemma,
      Congratulations! Thank you for contacting Lifeways Neikame. I will forward your request to the coordinators of the Neikame “Heart of Birth” program, Lisa Lichtig and Kathy Reid and have them contact you about your question.
      Sherry Boatright
      Sacred Fire Community Lifeways

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