Human life is meant to be lived within a continuous series of cycles, stages and transitions.

This model forms a circle that begins with birth and welcome, moves through childhood to puberty; finds purpose, identity, and fulfilling relationship in adulthood; and finally as it comes full circle, approaches death as a great teacher. Each stage is an opportunity for growth, exploration and discovery and each unfolds based on what was accomplished or neglected in the preceding ones.

In the time of our human ancestors, who were deeply connected to nature, young people were initiated, taught and guided to honor life’s natural transitions from beginning to end. These intentional practices have been all but forgotten in today’s world. Addiction to ego and materialism have dulled the power of heart that belongs at the center of daily life – dawn to daylight, sunset to dark.

Lifeways is a series of programs that offer healing from our disconnection from nature, self, and community that have crept into human life over recent centuries. They offer support and guidance for individuals and families to open to the gifts and fulfill the tasks of each stage of life, with joy. At the center of Lifeways offerings are deeply rooted ancestral rites that for ages have marked life’s natural transitions. These rituals and programs are led by members of the Sacred Fire Community who are trained and experienced in holding a container for the people of western culture, while honoring the deep ancestral connections that bring forth transformation.

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Photo Credit: Kate Baldwin
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