About Ritaka


Ritaka is an annual gathering dedicated to bringing together young adults who want to engage with the world from our hearts, honor our relationships with nature and Divine, and share our gifts and wisdom with the world.

This year some of the focus will be on listening. So we will be discussing and learning about:         How do we truly listen to each other? What does it look like to listen to the natural world? What are some techniques for becoming a better listener?   

“We’re all looking to find our place in the world, and at times it can be daunting, but seeing the courage of another helps me to be courageous. As a person goes through Ritaka and listens to what is going on in the lives of those around them they start to wonder. What do I have to share? What gifts do I have that only I can bring forth?”

“Ritaka connects young people together, so that we can recognize that we are not alone, that there are others that feel the same doubt and confusion that I sometimes do, but more powerfully, that there are others that feel the same joy and the same longing to connect that I do. Sometimes the best thing we can do to help the world is simply be together, laugh together, cry together.”

At Ritaka everyone is encouraged to bring something to share with the group, such as a drawing, a teaching, a story, a game, something that is near to their heart. It can be difficult to be vulnerable in this way, but by sharing with each other, we grow and bond.  It is these bonds that give us strength to walk with integrity through the world. This weekend is an opportunity for young people to come together and discover how much we have to give to the world. We are gathering to be seen and heard. We are gathering to awaken our voices and bring our heart’s work back to our communities. We do not need to be handcuffed by fears, doubts or shame.    


During this 3 Day Program You Will:

Create sacred space with other young adults and trained elders
Share one of your gifts with the group (if you choose to, nobody is forced to do anything)
Experience the offerings of others as they share their gifts
Listen to the teachings of wise elders
Laugh, dance, and drum
Work on the land with the group as an exchange for its use
Ritaka is offered by Sacred Fire Community Lifeways.

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