Do you have something burning in your heart but not sure who to share it with? Do you have something to express to the world but not sure how it will be received? Have you ever felt alone in your struggles? That’s why we have created the Young Adult Connection. An open, safe space to engage with other young adults in the world. A place to share bright ideas, worries, dreams, poems, advice, challenges and joys. Simply a place to….connect. The Young Adults Connection is created and run by young adults for other youth and young adults who approach life from their heart. Enter a text, link, poem etc below and once it has been approved by our young adults team it will be posted in the open forum below.

At this time, our forum is only open to words, ideas, and writing, but soon we hope to unveil a new technology that will allow us to share images, artworks and photographs with the community of young adults.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Crow, I live in asheville. My girlfriend is neighbors with a man in your community, Andrew Shaffer who gave me this website and encouraged me to start working with you if i can. I’ve been a Firebug since birth, in the last year my good friend and mentor Jeffrey D. Schmitt, who works deeply with the THOTH (heart of the healer) org. founded by Don Oscar Miro Quesada, began having me build and tend the fires for his work with the pachacuti mesa tradition. Fire brings me so much peace as does sacred work, i have to regularly be a part of both sources of light, otherwise reality can get dim, as I’m sure you know. I know i need to be doing volunteer work right now, and would like it to contribute to something i love and have faith in, and to those willing to give and receive gratefully. i would love to come and contribute on your land regularly. if this sounds good to you please my phone number is 845 659 4178.

    p.s. very interested in meeting Grandfather one day. 😉


    • Hi Crow – We would love to meet you in person! Please check out the local Asheville NC Sacred Fire Community website – – for fire times. I believe there’s a men’s fire coming up this Weds. Best wishes, Erin Everett, Speaker for the Sacred Fire Community and Asheville SFC member

      • Thank you Erin, and thanks for making this digital business a bit easier for me. i’d prefer to live alone in a cave, wearing a loin cloth most days.

        I’m pleased to have made this connection.

        Until next time, The best to you.
        – I.C.

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