Ritual Space


Sacred Fire Community Fires are held and facilitated by initiated Firekeepers who have been granted permission to use and share a specific form of offerings at the fire.

These offerings have come to us from the Huichols, a people in Mexico with an unbroken lineage of connection with Fire.

These offerings open a ritual space that amplifies the effect of fire inside of us and amongst each other. This space supports a spiritual opening, helping to connect us to our hearts, to each other, to the living world. As the fire warms us up, emotions may arise. As we express these in the safety of the circle, we find healing and deepening connections. Over time, through sharing joy, emotions, conflict and experiences, a sense of community begins to develop around the fires, and we begin to live more according to our birthright, supported as we move through our life.

The Sacred Offerings: An Interview with David Wiley, by Annie King

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Photo Credit: Dan Cernese
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