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Fire Speaks! Santa Monica 2017

March 18


A precious opportunity to experience the wisdom of Fire directly

In difficult times, ancient traditions come to our aid.
For hundreds of thousands of years, Fire has been central to human existence, not only providing warmth, light, and protection, but sacred space for communing with Divine. Known by many names — such as the Hindu Agnideva, the Huichol Tatewarí (literally, ‘Grandfather Fire’), the Egyptian Sekhmet, and the Greek Hephaestus — Fire as a living divine ancestor has been revered and engaged by the original traditions and peoples of our earth as a source of wisdom, compassion and transformation.

What would it be like to hear the voice of Fire?
When the peoples go through difficult periods, the ancestral traditions offer a pathway for a spirit-speaking person to help their societies receive guidance and reestablish connection to the Sacred. Even in our present generations there exist respected traditions where a person is chosen by Spirit to serve in this way. The Tibetan khuten (‘physical basis’), the Huichol axihuatakame (‘god-speaker human’), and the Lakota heyoka are but a few examples.

In a rare occurrence, the Spirit of Fire has selected a person from outside the usual indigenous setting to serve as such a conduit for the people of our western culture, who are deeply challenged and in need of renewed connection to the Sacred. Acting as a bridge between worlds and cultures, don David Wiley was raised in the West but called, trained, initiated and accepted as an elder in two ancestrally-related indigenous peoples — the Nahuatl and Huichol. Since Grandfather Fire has appeared to provide a new, yet old voice in the world, don David is traveling on Fire’s behalf to provide this to international audiences in Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia and the United States.

The Event
The event will begin in the late afternoon with a question and answer session around the Fire with don David Wiley and don Eliot Cowan, who will preside over the ritual. After a break for social time and a pot-luck dinner, we will gather around the Fire and create a ritual space to ignite and invite Grandfather Fire to speak with us. Dressed in his traditional clothing as a marakame, a Huichol healer and ritual leader, don David will begin smoking tobacco in the form of cigars and consuming a special chocolate drink. Through Grandfather’s willingness to speak and the effects of these two sacred ceremonial plants, the tobacco and the cacao, along with our laughter, singing, stories and drumming, the Spirit of Fire is brought forth.

It is customary to offer a cigar to Grandfather at the end of the evening. He prefers his cigars long and strong. Cigars will be available onsite for purchase.

To learn more about how Grandfather Fire speaks in this form, please visit don David’s web site www.keepsthefire.org/story.html.

Please arrive for check-in at 4:00 PM and join us for a question and answer period around the Fire with don David, followed by a potluck dinner and time to play, visit, and eat, as we share in the joy of community.

Seating for the fire begins at 7:30 PM. The general audience may last past midnight. Feel free to share this invitation with those you know who may benefit or be interested in teachings of the Heart.

If you have any questions, please contact Alan and Amanda Kerner (tatewarisantamonicafire@gmail.com or 310.452.0658).

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March 18
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Alan and Amanda Kerner
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