Feb 292012

I will follow this path to wherever it leads.

I will speak my truth and honor my needs.

I feel so strongly down to my core.

I’ve never felt so deeply before.

How can I cultivate more,

When I’m already being weighed down to the floor?

Let me stay down here for a while.

There are still fields to cross, left blanketed as a child.

It’s not so bad –

When there’s a part of myself watching with joy that I’m sad.

Your community surrounds you.

Never fear ‘cuz they have found you,

And you have found yourself.

It’s clear as day;

You’ll never live your life in that artificial way – again.

It’s all thanks to your new friends,

Who live inside you,

Always there to remind you;

That you’re never alone

And have blatantly grown.

You’ll never stop changing,

While your mind’s rearranging

So your heart can step in.

It’s almost as if your life has yet to begin.

Because when you are open to all the world can give,

You will come to find it’s the only way to live.

— By Regina Temple

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