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The vital and timeless ritual of initiation has been lost to our modern culture.
As a result, many young people are confused or resistant about entering into adulthood. They long to discover their life’s purpose and their relationship to the wholeness of life.

At this stage in life, a young person can feel the need to question, to grow up and reach for life. In their search, they may rely on drastic methods to do so. The initiatory wake-up call materializes when depression hits, illness takes hold, suicidal thoughts arise, strange accidents occur, or when a compelling urge arises to indulge in risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. Usually, there’s confusion and the symptoms are inexplicable.

Initiation into Womanhood sits at the crossroads of a girl’s budding life. At this time of great change and transition, an inner calling moves her to discover a deeper connection to herself and to the world she lives in. A young woman in search of herself innately knows that she must become fully human. She knows there is more to life than what she may be currently experiencing. For some, this search can occur in her early teens. For others, it can be a process of an opening that moves her through her teens and into her 20’s. Initiation is a transformational process into adulthood. It catalyzes a young woman’s innate purpose in the context of community and society.

The Sacred Fire Community Lifeways Sacred Emergence – Initiation into Womanhood program is a guided rite of passage for girls and young women that lays a foundation for self awareness to emerge. In claiming the sacred feminine in her life, a young woman will connect to her inherent gift to create, and with gained competence, make a new commitment to life to become the person she was born to be.

ARE YOU READY FOR INITIATION? Let our staff help you determine your readiness for initiation. Contact us to talk to one of our ritual staff.

Sacred Emergence
is a six-month to one-year-long program (depending on when you apply and the cutoff date for that year). Initiation is offered each summer in various locations. Applications are accepted year round. Girls and young women ages 16-25 are welcome to apply. To apply or learn more, contact Us.

Want to know more
The Sacred Emergence Newsletter comes out with the seasonal changes.
Here you can find stories from Initiates about their experience going
through the initiation process, teachings, from initiation staff, mothers
and experts on the subjects of initiation and rites of passage, as well as
poetry and art.  Join our growing Lifeways women’s culture by connecting to
this quarterly publication. Click Here to subscribe

Meet the Women’s Initiation Council


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Sacred Emergence ~ Initiation into Womanhood is offered by Sacred Fire Community Lifeways.


 Photo Credit: S. Boatright & D. Jenné

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