Jul 282016


As women we can find ourselves feeling distressed by the extreme divisions and oppositions we are witnessing locally, nationally and globally. We may find these disparities echoed internally which give way to confusion and uncertainty. Our challenge is to reconnect to the Common Heart of the Feminine that naturally provides grounding and relationship from a place of strength, balance and deep knowing.

Join an exceptional gathering of women in a welcoming landscape of hill country traversed by rocky creeks and tall pines as we restore ourselves by rediscovering the gifts that the Feminine brings to the world in this time of divergence and disconnection.

The gathering is facilitated by Sherry Boatright a Quiatizques (woman bringer of rain or weather shaman) in the Nahuatl tradition of the central highlands of Mexico. She is also a psychotherapist experienced in leading women’s groups, a ceremonial leader and a Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper.

Cost: $630

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